Waterboys – Something Fantastic chords

C   F   C   F

C FCall her Ruth, 'cause she knows the price
C F CCall her Sandy, 'cause heart is like ice
GmYou can call her whatever you wish
F Bb C F CNothing can change the person she is
FCall her Maria, though her real name's Eve
C FTry not to slam the door or you'll wake her as you leave
C GmYou can tell by the pictures on her wall
F Bb C F CShe never really knew you at all
F CEverywhere I look, it's just looking into waste
F CI can't see any courage or hope in your face
GmYou say , "Hey, there's no point searching anymore
F Bb C F CWhatever I find, I'll have found before
F CI must be looking for something fantastic
FAnd all this reality, it gets such a test
C GmYou take what you're given and I'll take my time
F Bb C F CYou in your small corner and I in mine
[Outro] C F C F C F C F
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