Waterboys – Song Of Wandering Aengus chords

C  G  Dm  F  C

G DmI went out to the hazel wood
F CBecause a fire was in my head
G DmAnd cut and peeled a hazel wand
F AmAnd hooked a berry to a thread
G GmAnd when white moths were on the wing
F CAnd moth-like stars were flickering out
G DmI dropped the berry in a stream
F CAnd caught a little silver trout
G DmWhen I had laid it on the ground
F CI went to blow the fire a-flame
G DmBut something made a rustling sound
F AmAnd some one called me by my name
G GmIt had become a glimmering girl
F CWith apple blossom in her hair
G DmWho called me by my name and ran
F CAnd faded through the brightening air
G DmThough I am old with wandering
F CThrough hollow lands and hilly lands
G DmI will find out where she has gone
F AmAnd kiss her lips and touch her hands
G GmAnd walk among long dappled grass
F CAnd pluck till time and times are done
G DmThe silver apples of the moon
F CThe golden apples of the sun
G DmThe silver apples of the moon
FThe golden apples of the sun
[Outro] C G Dm F X2 C Am Dm F X2 C G Dm F X5
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