Wilco – Suns A Star chords


[Verse 1]
D GYou've seen it all
Em GTurns friends into strangers
D F#m GBut they forget to call
Em GAnd after all you felt like hanging
EmBut now you're alone
GIt didn't wanna be
DWatching the TV
F#M GToo little, too soon
EmAnd there's a sun
GIn a minor key
DAnd how could he be
F#m G DSo too cloudless tune
[Verse 2]
D F#m GI know there's rain
Em GFalling somewhere over a flowing
D F#m GInto distrust
Em GWe hold without ever knowing
EmBut you
GYou might be the sun
DHovering no one
F#mPulls me closer
GWatch it arise
EmAnd I
GI could be the one
D F#m G DWho stares too long
BmBut if you could see yourself
Em7 A7Just once
DThe way that you are
A7And I believe
G DThat the sun is just a star
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