X-ecutioners – Its Goin Down tab

X-ecutioners - It's Going Down
Tristan Cobb (Boarder995@hotmail.com or lia_cobb@bellsouth.net)

These are the corrections to the song That i left out

/ = slide sown
\ = slide up
h = hop to the string
P = palm mute on 10th fret (lay finger on all string on 10th fret)
(Chorus listen to song as many times as needed)G|-----------------D|-----------------A|-----------------E|222-2-222-0h3-0h3
(Keep repeating this and corus)G|-----------------------D|-----------------------A|-----------------------E|222-22-2-pppppp-0h3-0h3
Well thats the whole song sorry for the corrections just was in a hurry and left some stuff outI even gave wrong E-mail address ~.LOL.~ sorry for it all well if any correction you think needed or problems E-mail at lia_cobb@bellsouth.net if wanna talk are anyting with other tabs e-mail at rip_cur212001@yahoo.com
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