X-ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents chords

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BAND: X Ray Spex
TITLE: Germfree Adolescents
ALBUM: Germfree Adolescents
TABBED BY: smashguy37@yahoo.com

TUNING: Tuned a quarter step sharp from normal tuning.

INTRO: (arpeggio with heavy tremolo)



DI know you're antiseptic
C DYour deodorant smells nice
DI'd like to get to know you
C DBut you're deep frozen like the ice
GHe's a germ free adolescent
DCleanliness is her obsession
CCleans her teeth ten times a day
CScrub away scrub away scrub away
DThe S.R. way....
VERSE: You may get to touch her If your gloves are sterilised Rinse your mouth with listerine Blow disinfectant in her eyes Her phobia is infection She needs one to survive It's her built-in protection Without fear she'd give up and die CHORUS: He's a germ free adolescent Cleanliness is her obsession Cleans her teeth ten times a day Scrub away scrub away scrub away The S.R. way....
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