Xandria - The Wind And The Ocean chords

Xandria - The Wind and The Ocean

By Sanjeev George and Thomas George

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Intro : Fsus   Dm   C   F   C


Fsus DmI am like the endless ocean
C F CCarry dreams to distant shores
Fsus DmYou are like the wind that moves me
C F CWhispering breeze and roaring storm
Verse 1
Dm BbAzure is my garden
Dm Bb EbI grow some seaweed on the ground
Dm BbI sleep and dream of naiads
Dm Bb FAnd of the sunk ships that I found
Repeat chorus Verse 2
Dm BbThrough the rough sea's current
Dm Bb EbMy blue heart's drawn to your caress
Dm BbI'll give you salty kisses
Dm Bb CHow do you like my glittering dress?
Dm AmSeawards, seawards
F CSail your vessels
Dm Bb C BbHuman plaything for my waves
Dm AmSeawards, seawards
F GSail your vessels
F C F'Til my seabed is your grave
chorus again I am like the endless ocean... Outro:
F7 Bb Bbm FLike a storm on my waves you are to me
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