Xandria - Some Like It Cold chords

Hi! I've found it hard finding the chords of that band, So I figured out the chords by 
myself. I hope it helps you, if it does I would like to know someone was looking for that chords!

Intro:  Cm Gm Bb Gm
        Cm Gm Cm Gm
        Cm Gm Bb Gm
        Bb D
        Gm Bb Gm Cm

Gm CmGlamourous stars darken the day
Gm CmThe shadows of night lighten their way
Gm CmThe wisdom of fools is ot easy to learn
Gm CmSo go one step ahead and two in return
D GmI am the sense in all of your tears
D GmI am the reason of all your fears
Cm D GmI am praised for my sadness
Cm D GmI am praised for my faults
Cm D GmI am praised for my madness
Cm Bb - BbCause some like it hot
D (Gm Bb Gm Cm)and some like it cold
Evening calls the sunset to rise I am a liar so take care of my advice The wheel of fortune always goes round Whatever goes up must always come down (and then it's all over again and in the last part after the line "and some like it cold....some like.... you play: Gm Cm x4 D Gm The end.)
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