Xandria - Ravenheart tab

			     Ravenheart - Xandria
Xandria is a Gothic/Metal group from Germany

Tabbed by: zElEka
Email: carolinazatarain_3@hotmail.com

Tuning: E


G A# C F#e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----5---------8--------10---------4-------------------------------------|A|-----5---------8--------10---------4-------------------------------------|E|-----3---------6---------8---------2-------------------------------------|
Intro 2 G A# Come to me, Ravenheart C G F# Messenger of evil G A# C G F# Verse G D G C You shadow of forgotten dreams G D You come to take away G D My hope on your black wings come on... Chorus G A# Come to me, Ravenheart C G F# Messenger of evil G A# Come to me, what's the news? C G F# Here i'm still lonely Verse G D G C Of love & hate the singers tell G D But i feel more, more of both. G C More than heaven and hell G D I take a bow to destiny G C Now i have really learnt my part G D Once loving him, now hating love G C I've made mistakes, my Ravenheart So come on... Chorus x1 Bridge G D G C Will i get back who i adore? G D G C D D# F Thus spoke the raven: nevermore G A# C G F# x2 D Chorus now in A A C D A G# x4 Come to me... End in A ===========================================================================
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