Xavier Rudd – Come Let Go tab

Artits: Xavier Rudd
Song: Come let go
Tabed by: Mitch Young
This is a really catchy song, really simple to play as well. im pretty sure he plays
the same thing throughout the entire song.
This is just a simple verson of the song, only the chords, none of the slidey
bits that he does in the song. wouldn't be to hard to figure out though.
 G                     D
come my brother come slowly
      E        C
come easy my friend
come my friend
  G                  D
come my sister come easy
come brezzy
    C           G
on me you can depend
  G                        D
come my brother put your hands up
take your heart out
     C          G
let go come let go
  G                   D
come my sister can i hold you 
         E             C
can i squeeze you let go
come let go

And so on, you get the drift. thats it! cheers have fun!!!
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