Xtc - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpmkinhead tab

Hey, this is my first tab, I hope it's OK. I really like XTC and i can thank the Gilmore Girls for it.

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
     Album:  XTC "Nonsuch"

D    A           Bm       G  
Peter Pumpkinhead came to town
D        A          Bm     G
Spreading wisdom and cash around
D       A          Bm         G
Fed the starving and housed the poor
D          A    Bm           G
Showed the Vatican what gold's for

        G      A             Bm
CHORUS: But he made too many enemies
        G      A                Bm
        Of the people who would keep us on our knees
        G          A
        Hooray for Peter Pumpkin,
        G               A        D
        WE'll pray for Peter Pumpkinhead

Peter Pumpkinhead pulled them all
Emptied churches and shopping malls
When he spoke it would raise the roof
Peter Pumpkinhead told the truth


Peter Pumpkinhead put to shame
Governments who would slur his name
Plots and sex scandals failed outright
Peter merely said, "Any kind of love is all all right"


Peter Pumpkinhead was too good
Had him nailed to a chunk of wood
He died grinning on live TV
Hanging there he looked a lot like you, and an awful lot like me!

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