Y And T - On With The Show chords

Artist: Y&T
Album: Facemelter
Song: On With The Show
Release Date: 2010
Tabbed by: Dzimozz (c)

C#5The lights go down
B5I take the stage
E5Living line by line
F#5 F#5 E5 Eb5 C#5Know just what to say
C#5 B5But I never know what it's gonna be
E5 F#A comedy, tragedy, a mystery
F#5I'll play the fool
I'll play the king
A5Tonight, I'll play 'em all
There will be no curtain call
F#5 E5 Eb5 C#5On with the show
B5On with life
E5On with the dream
F#5I know I'll play it right
F#5 E5 Eb5 C#5On with the show
B5On with life
E5If the world is a stage
F#5Then all I've got to say
F#5 E5 Eb5 C#5 E5 B5 C#5On with the show
[[... and so on - on with the show))))))]] The story's told It draws you in You're a star tonight The show that never ends You lost your line Feel the spotlight dim It's a long, dark fall The drama just begins Your star, it fades The teardrops start to fall This is the end Another casting call begins
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