Yardbirds – Mr Your A Better Man Than I tab

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Artist:  Yardbirds
Title: Mister Your A Better Man Than I

 The whole song uses e-form barre chords


G A F# E--------------------------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------------------------------------------| D--------5--5--------7---7--------4------4---------------------------| A------5---5--5----7---7---7----4------4-----------------------------| E----3-----------5------------2------2-------------------------------|
verse: G A Can you judge a man F# By the way he wears his hair G A Can you read his mind F# By the clothes that he wears E F# Can you see a bad man G A By the pattern on his tie Chorus: B A Well then mister you're a better man than I 4x (after 4th repeat) B A F# verse 2: Could you tell a wise man By the way he speaks or spells Is this more important Than the stories that he tells And call a man a fool If for wealth he doesn't strive Chorus Solo over G Verse 3: You condemn a man If you faith he doesn't hold You say the color of his skin Is the color of his soul Could you say that men For king and country all must die? Chorus ____________________________________________________________________________ | | | Chris Fischer | (614) 593-0415 | | fischer@falcons.ent.ohiou.edu | US Mail: | | Graduate Research Assoc. | Dept of Mech. Eng. | | Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering | 251 Stocker Center | | Ohio University | Athens, OH 45701 | |__________________________________________________________________________|
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