Yardbirds - Im A Man tab

I'm A Man
riff 1 riff 2--------- -------------|--------- -------------|-4-5-4--- -4-5-4-------|-------5- -------5-4-3-|--------- -------------|--------- -------------|
verse (w/riff 1) All you pretty women, Stand in line, I can make love to you baby, In an hour's time. Now i'm a man I spell M-A-N...woo (w/riff 2) 2x verse (w/riff 1) The line I shoot, Will never miss, Make love to you baby, You can't resist. Now I'm a man, I spell M-A-N...man. (w/riff 2) 4x bridge(harm) G Bb C F G Bb C
D F G---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|-10-13--15--15--15--15--15-15-15-15--15-15-15-15--15-15-15-15--15-15-15-15-|
F D C G---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|-15-15-15-15--13-13-13-13--10-10-10-10--8-8-8-8--3-|
verse (w/riff 1) Goin back down, To Kansas too, Bring back a little girl, Just like you. Now I'm a man, I spell M-A-N...man.
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