Yazoo – Ode To Boy chords

Left handed
G A#When he moves I watch him from behind
Che turns and laughter flickers in his eyes
G intent and direct when he speaks, I watch his lips
G A# When he drives I love to watch his hands
Cwhite and smooth almost feminine,
Galmost american, I have to watch him.
G A# C in his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth
Ghe caught me looking then but soon his eyes forgot
G A# Cand everything he seems to do reflects just another shade of blue
GI saw him searching into you and ached a while
G A#I watch his lips caress the glass,
Chis fingers stroke its stem and pass
Gto lift a cigarette at last, he dries his eyes
G A#from a shadow by the stair
CI watch as he weeps unaware
Gthat I'm in awe of his despair, but I am there
(chorus repeat)
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