Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little Shadow tab

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little Shadow

 C (8,10,10,9,8,8)
Am (5,7,7,5,5,5)
 F (x,8,10,10,10,x)
Dm (x,5,4,4,3,5)
 G (3,5,5,4,3,3)

(0:06)/(0:43) (0:13)/(0:49)v1+2 e|--------------------------------|---------------------------------| b|-8------8---------8------10---8-|-8------8----------8------8------| g|---9------9---------9-------9---|---9------9----------9------9----| d|-----10-----10--------10--------|-----10-----10--10-----10-----10-| a|---------------10---------------|---------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|---------------------------------|
v1: patience, shadow, for all your sight there's no sight to see v2: pardon, shadow, hold on tight to your darkened keys
(0:18)/(0:55) (0:24)/(1:01) e|------------------------------------|----------------------------------------| b|-8--------8---------8---8--10---8---|-8------8------8---10--8---8--10--8---8-| g|---9----9---9----9----9-------9---9-|---9------9------9-------9----------9---| d|-----10-------10--------------------|-----10-----10--------------------------| a|------------------------------------|----------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|
v1: little shadow, little shadow v2: little shadow, little shadow
(0:31)/(1:07) (0:37)/(1:14) e|---------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| b|-8-------------------------------------|-8---------------------------------------| g|---9--------9--9------------9----------|---9----9--9-----------------------------| d|-----10--10------12--10--10---10----10-|-----10------10--------10--10----10------| a|---------------------------------10----|----------------10--10--------10----10---| E|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------8-|
v1: to the night, will you follow me? v2: to the night, will you follow me? SOLO: | C | Am | F | Dm | | C | F | C | F | | C | G | C | C | C Am F Dm C V3: closer, shadow, volume strikes, still we're caught between F C F all this sorrow, little shadow G Am C G to the night, will you follow me? V4: Am G Dm paler shade inside, deeply deeply died F C turning, turn the side to a fantasy F C G (Am) little shadow, into the night will you follow me? |(Am) | G | Dm | F | C F C G (C) little shadow, into the night will you follow me? OUTRO: |(C) | C | C | C | | C | C | C | -rigs-
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