Yeasayer - Madder Red chords version 3

Doesnt seem anyone has tabbed this correctly or in its entirety so here you go! 
Enjoy! Great song. Practice few times to get rhythm and switches down. I recommend 
picking the intro

D, Em, D, Em-G
D, Em, C-G-Am-Em-G-D (quick)

D EmEven when my luck is down
D Em-G (quick)I take joy in knowing that our love grows
D EmBut if my vices are a burden
C G Am G EmPlease don't let me off
C G Am Em GCast me from your home
(Chorus/Intro) D, Em, D, Em-G D, Em, C-G-Am-Em-G-D (quick)
D Em'Cause lately I have wronged you
D Em-GAnd not been on your side, love
D EmMaybe I've been gone
C G Am G EmPlease don't ask me why
Am GI turn away just when you want me
G Am-EmAnd I know that home is where you want me
CThere's not much for me there
Am G-DNever gave a thought to an honorable living
Am G (hold)Always had sense enough to lie
G D Am It's getting hard to keep pretending
Am G-D I'm worth your time
(Chorus/Intro etc etc same throughout. Enjoy!!! Amazing song.
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