Yellowjackets – So Long Friend tab

So Long Friend-Yellow Jackets, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Tabbed by: Tyler "cutter" Coll
-my first tab on ultimate guitar,its about my thousandth tab done tho lol...
this bands the greatest, their cd releases sometime around april, but i know
the guitarist of the band and he gave me the tabs to it and he said i could
post it on line "thanks Kel" its not a complicated song to play but its very
popular especially around North Eastern US, they are comin out with a music
video in march..its a growing band but its an awesome song...hope you all
enjoy...any questions or comments? email me


Verse 1 G C Yesterday, you said we were friends D A E But now its all over...and things have sorta changed G C and now i'm lookin else where, for comfort and support D A E but i'll remember you...and the things we used to do. Chorus G C And I See Your Face In The Sunset D A E A E It Looks The Same In That Picture You Gave Me G C And I See Your Smile Wherever I Go D A E And I Hope You Also See Me Verse 2 G C And now today..I miss you D E Wish we were back in touch G C But now i'm afraid to talk to you D E But i miss you so so much Repeat Chorus x2
See ya'll later
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