Yellowjackets - Smashed Finger tab

Posted By: Cutter

This songs off The Yellowjackets upcoming album "hang your head in shame"
its gonna be released to the public april 2005 but i got a copy from the lead
singer (Ty) who i know really well...just look out for this song...and look
for em on their North East Tour  well...enjoy the tab

This catchy tune is played in the background throughout the entire song..its
simple to play, but very cool to like if you have any questions email
me at (

I smashed my finger yesterday....e[-------------------------------------------------]b[-------------------------------------------------]g[-------------------------------------------------]d[-------------------------------------------------]a[-------3--5--------3--5--------3--5--7--5--3-----]E[-0--3--------0--3--------0--3-----------------3--]
Grandma you slammed the car door on my finger!....e[------3--5--------3--5--------3--5--7--5--3------]b[0--3--------0--3--------0--3-----------------3---]g[-------------------------------------------------]d[-------------------------------------------------]a[-------------------------------------------------]E[-------------------------------------------------]
Rock On..My Second Tab...funniest song ever haha
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