Yeng Constantino – Promise chords

C C7 Em9Since this is what you wanted, then I'll just walk away
Am You'll have your time to think of all the things
F Fm Gand what you need, While I'm gone and away
C C7 Em9Is this really what you wanted, then I will let you go
Am F I'll be keeping all my fears, through I'm drowning in my tears
Fm GWith a thought of a life without you
F G C G AmBut if someday you'll need a friend, I promise I won't let you down
F G CI'll be there for you, Right there beside you I promise
CIs this really what you needed?
C7 Em9 AmThen I will say goodbye, All the memories that we've shared
F FmWill be running in my head, I'll be thinking about you
GJust thinking about you
(repeat chorus) Bridge:
Am AmCoz if one day things don't I feel so right
C Am F I am someone you can call, if you feel
G you've no one to turn to I'm here..
CCoz if this is what about you needed
Em9 AmI won't let you see me cry, and all my sleepless nights
F FmI'll be waiting for you call, I'll be dreaming about you
GJust dreaming about you
(repeat chorus 2x)
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