Yo La Tengo – Did I Tell You tab

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Date: Mon, 02 Oct 95 19:06:03 0000
From: John Walston 
Subject: TAB:Did I Tell You, by Yo La Tengo

																									DID I TELL YOU
																																	by Yo La Tengo
Written by Ira Kaplan
>From the albums "New Wave Hot Dogs" and "Fakebook"
Transcribed by John Walston(jwalston@mail.trincoll.edu)

			This is just a rough sketch, but it should allow you to approximate
both versions of this song.

	Intro: G (4x)
G					Am       	C(2x)
	Did I tell you, about the dark lonely road
G													Am                C                           D
	I was counting my steps as I made my way home
G																Am														C(2x)
	Days are nothing but time on your hands, weighing on me
D								Am    C
 		came to my end
D                Am    C
D								Am    						C									D(2x)
Whether to count what I felt against what I could say..
										G					D        C            D
I try not to wander, 				or to tell you that
G							D						C            D				G					D
I'm not willing to wait when deep in my Heart I'm willing
C                 D							G          				D                    C
D					G(4x)
Hearts still willing, my brain's impatient my hearts still willing to

Verse 2:  Our love is, so important to me, starts wherever you land
walks right over to me.  Days are nothing but time inbetween, obviously.
so unwary, or uncaring, I try not to be part of that and that's easy to
say but but I try not to wander...
(Guitar solo)
For the final verse, skip right to the pre-chorus part
Verse 3:  There's a moment, to discover, no one can take all the blame
and it's finally clear I try not to wander...

	That should get you started.
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