Yo La Tengo – By The Time It Gets Dark chords

Yo La Tengo
"By the Time It Gets Dark"
I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One [Deluxe Edition] (1997) & Prisoners of Love: A 
of Senescent Songs (2005)
Tabbed by: manguero

One of my favorite songs ever!

This is a cover of a wonderful song by Sandy Denny (of Fairport Convention).  However, 
deserves to be tabbed in its own right, because Yo La Tengo

doesn't play it as a straight cover; the chords in their version have a more droning 
whereas Sandy's change around a lot.  Listen to the two

recordings to hear what I mean.

For the verses, you'll keep your fingers in the same position, except that your middle 
will walk up a bass line (E-F#-A).  You can even do the

quick step up to B when switch back to Eadd9 if you want.  Listen to the recording to 
how it goes.  As for the chorus, I'm not sure if it's exactly

right (sounds a little weird played along with the recording), but I think it sounds 

Just to be clear, here's how I play these chords:
Eadd9: 022102
Eadd9/F#: 2x2102
Eadd9/A: x02102

Eadd9 Eadd9/F# Eaddd9/A Eadd9

Eadd9 Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Baby, every cloud has a silver lining
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Baby every dog really has his day
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9And it matters to me to see you smiling
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Why don't we blow all your cares away?
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Yesterday is gone and will be forgotten
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9And today is where every new day starts
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Got to be free like the leaves in autumn
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9You may be sad but it never lasts.
C#m B A EAnd maybe, by the evening we'll be laughing
C#mJust wait and see
BAll the changes there'll be
A E Eadd9By the time it gets dark.
Eadd9 Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9We could go walking out in the sunshine
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Look at all the people out in the street
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Hurrying away to a business luncheon
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Waiting for a taxi for aching feet.
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Light up your face, baby, let's get going
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Want to see a change in those weary eyes
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9We'll have some fun, take a boat out rowing
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9Why on earth should life be so serious?
Eadd9 [CHORUS] x2
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9 By the time it gets dark.
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9 By the time it gets dark.
Eadd9/F# Eadd9/A Eadd9 By the time it gets dark.
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