Yo La Tengo - Pass The Hatchet I Think Im Goodkind tab

May 2007

Class tune by a class band.

This is probably completely wrong somehow, but there's no tabs for it so far, and it's
least a starting point.  Just the 2 chords played in the intro and throughout the song,
all.   Not hard at all.

The bass line goes like this (I've tabbed it for guitar, but  it's same fingering 
on bass):

G ---------|D ---------|A --3-5----|E -5-5---5-|
*played for whole song, with a few slight accents and fills at points* The guitar goes like this:
e---------------------------|B---------------------15----|G---------------------------|D--xx12-----------12--------|A--xx12-----------12--------|E--xx10---------10----------| ^ let this chord ring
e------------------------|B-------------------13---|G------------------------|D--10----------10--------|A--10----------10--------|E--8----------8----------| ^ again, let it ring
the best hand position is to be hitting the notes on the B string with your little while barring the the A and D strings with your middle finger. if it's a bit painful can out the notes on the D string and just fret the A string with your middle finger. It's full sounding, but comfier if you're having trouble. the solo lasts for the whole song and appears improvised, so I can't be bothered. if want to work it out start with some pentatonic scaling and go from there. that probably wasn't note for note right, but as I said it's a start. i suck at guitar, sue me. - Stu
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