Yonder Mountain String Band – Pockets tab

                             POCKETS - Yonder Mountain String Band
Tabbed by: Jordan Ludyan

Adam plays this song with a capo, however when playing it alone I find it unnecessary. 
The F# blues riff in the "chorus" is easier to play this way, anyways. Enjoy!

intro A>F#m

Gotta reason to ride, move it along

wallet in the pocket waiting for the morning light

Hittin the wall, poisonous pockets keep it all deep inside,

shuffle (D) along,(E) got it all wrong A > F#m


D > E > F#m

Riff 1e|----5-6---------------------------------|B|--------7-5-----------------------------|G|------------6-4-------------------------|D|----------------7-8-4-------------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
then: D > E > riff 2
fast pickin'e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------|D|----------2-------------4----|A|--0-2-3-4---4-3-2-0-2-4------|E|-2---------------------------|
unfortunately, I don't have the ear or the time to tab out that impeccable solo, which is over the verse progression (A > F#m). Create your own. Sure wish I could play that solo though. Verse 2 A > F#m Pick up the pieces again movin along workin for the fat man playin just to pass the time but dont call poisonous pockets keep it all deep inside shuffle along got it all wrong A > B > F#m long time gone wanna be alone move it along D > E got it all wrong i hope ya wont be long repeat pattern, JAM Anyone who wishes to copy paste and edit this tab, please do so. ************************************
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