You Am I - Trigger Finger tab

Intro/Verse (0:06)
It's a bass riff, but play the bass part on your guitar like this

This is also the verse, minus the little 7b8r7 Then Davey does a little lead lick (0:38)
Back to intro verse Riff once more, then Chorus (0:48) D G B Em D G B C Then play the verse lick from (1:05) to (1:38) then repeat the Chorus Solo (1:55)
e-------7-----9b10(and hold)B-7--10----------|G----------------|D----------------|A----------------|E----------------|
Repeat these two measures and that's the solo. At (2:28) go back to the Chorus. At (3:04) go back to playing intro/verse riff until fade. That's it.
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