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Subject: y/you_am_i/


Transcribed by Oliver Watkins ( or

OK - tabbing out the hammond organ part isn't going to be easy. Just
remember to play the organ chords abrubtly (stachato - whatever). Like
a Madness song.

I have no idea what the best fingering would be. Mine seem to get
tangled up playing this. I just had to include the bass, or the
song doesn't work.

(Verse - Organ)

Bm Bm/D Bm/G# Bm/G F#/open-------|-----------|---------|-------|--------|----0------|---3---|------3----|-----3---|---3---|-----3--|----0------|---4---|------4----|-----4---|---4---|-----4--|----3------|---4---|------4----|-----4---|---4---|-----4--|----4------|---2---|----2-5----|---5-----|-------|--------|--4-4------|-------|-----------|-----4---|---4---|---4-3--|--2-2------|
(Alternately you can just play Bm, and get your friend to play the bass part) (Chorus - guitar)
B/open B/open/Bb A/open E C#7 D7------0------------0--------------0--------------0--------------|------0------------0--------------0--------------0-------6--7---|------8------------8--------------6--------------1-------4--5---|------9------------9--------------7--------------2-------6--7---|----9-9------------9--------------7--------------2-------4--5---|----7-7------------6--------------5--------------0--------------|
B E7 D7-----------------------------------------------------------|---------------------9-9-----7-7---------------------------|-----4--------2------7-7-----5-5---------------------------|-----4--2h3h4--------9-9-----7-7------------- - repeat * 2-|---2-2---------------7-7-----5-5---------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|
(repeat * 2)-----------------------------------------------------------------|-----0----------------0---------------0--------------0-----------|---------2----------------2---------------2--------------2-------|-----------4-------0--------4---------------4--------------4-----|--2--------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------4--------------3--------------|
Bm Bm/D Moon shines hard over trubble Bm/G# Check you watch by the late city shuttle Bm/G F#/open ...she tries hard not to decide Bm Bm/D Are you going to tell 'em where you go nightly Bm/G# when you're dressed so brightly Bm/G F#/open the morning going to come up without a fight B/open A hundred halls and bottles B/open/Bb you thought you'd avoid big trubble (??) A/open E C#7 D7 Just waiting for something to arrive B/open All your daydream heroes B/open/Bb Are losing their hair deep (?) and halos A/open E C#7 D7 Who are you going to fall into tonight (fill-1) (fill-2) Bm Bm/D Pay the bills for uncle Ted he's a nutter Bm/G# lives on bananas and peanut butter Bm/G F#/open ...Keeps his teeth in a glass of long island tea Bm Bm/D Are you going to tell 'em where you go nightly Bm/G# Now that the kids are tucked in tightly Bm/G F#/open ....Is the city big enough for you to hide B/open A hundred halls and bottles B/open/Bb You thought you'd avoid big trouble A/open E C#7 D7 Waiting for the way out to arrive B/open All your daydream heroes B/open/Bb are losing their hair deep (?) and halos A/open E C#7 D7 who are you going to fall into tonight.... (fill - 1) (fill - 2) (Figuring out the lyrics was the hardest part) (alternately the lyrics to the chorus could be "a hundred whores and brothels" which means I completely mis-interpreted the song!!)
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