You Me And Apollo - The Devil Inside chords

Very simply played, listen to song for strumming pattern!
any comments are welcome as well

intro: D#m A#m x2

D#m A#mthere's a devil living inside of me
D#m A#mplayin cards for control where he cheats with my soul
D#mtells me the lies of my hopes
A#mhung from the edge of a rope
D#min the form of a man
A#m D#m A#mwhos neck couldnt stand straight at the draw
D#m A#mit was the devil inside that made his heart stop
D#m A#mwoah oh oh oh
And you get it right? these two chords are played through out the whole song. CAN ALSO BE PLAYED WITH CAPO 1 CHORDS: Dm Am (CHORDS RELATIVE TO CAPO) I post pretty much all of You Me and Apollo's songs so check out my other tabs/chords. more stuffs on the way.
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