Starry Eyed chords with lyrics by You Me At Six - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

You Me At Six – Starry Eyed chords

             Starry Eyed (Live Lounge Cover) - You Me At Six
Tabbed by: John Toomey (My first tab, be nice!)

Tuning: Standard (e B G D A e)
**CAPO on the first fret for this song**


1 strum of Em7 followed by

e|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|--------|A|--------|E|-0-2-3--| X6
Verse: Em7 - D - Cadd9 - G Work out the strumming pattern for yourself, its a really simple one to pick up! Chorus: Em7 - D - Cadd9 - G Same chords as the verse, but a different strumming pattern. Same timing, though. Interlude:
e|----3-----------3-------|B|--3---3---3---3---3---3-|G|0-------0---0-------0---|D|------------------------|A|------------------------| REPEAT A FEW TIMES!E|------------------------|
The main chord progression (for verse and chorus) is repeated throughout the whole song you could almost get away with just playing that, for the most part! Be sure to end on Em7 ...
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