Young Guns – You Are Not chords

You Are Not - Young Guns

I saw that there was no standard tuning version of this, so I roughly mapped out this 
version and tried to get the chords as near to the original as I could. Think this is 
pretty accurate, maybe not 100% but....

Standard Tuning - no capo

Gm Bbmaj7Lonely, lonely, undefined
Fmaj7 CYou say you take your time, I say you hide away
Gm Bbmaj7 Fmaj7Lonely, lonely, hard to shine when they don't notice you at all
CSink further every day
Eb Bb G5 FYou're only so lonely, and I never had a doubt,
Eb Bb G5 FYou don't even know me, still you pass your judgement out
Eb Bb G5 FWhen you belong, you're just a face in the crowd,
Eb Bb G5 FYou're only lonely, so lonely, like everybody else
Gm Bbmaj7 Fmaj7Lonely, lonely, little fly, you say they pay no mind
CI say there's no better way
Gm Bbmaj7You hang yourself in your own web, drawn and quartered out
Fmaj7 CThe more you hurt, the more you heal, the more you'll figure out
Eb DYou are not a diamond, you are not a shining star
C D F – build upIt doesn't mean that you're not perfect exactly as you are
Eb Bb G5 FYou are not a dia-mond,
Eb Bb G5 FYou are not a shining star,
Eb Bb G5It doesn't mean that you're not perfect
F Eb Bb G5 Fexactly as you are
(one long strum to end) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully this helped somebody, if it did, please rate!
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