Young Heart Attack - Mouthful Of Love tab

Young Heart Attack - Mouthful of Love

Tabbed by Rob (


Riff 1E---5---3---------|A---7---5---5-----| x8D---7---5---7-----|G------------7----|
These can be barred but its easier to play them as power chords
Riff 2E-------------------- -----------------------------------------------------|A---5---3---5---x--- ------------------------------------------------------|D---7---5---7---x--- x3 ---------------------------------------------------|G---7---5---7---x--- ------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------- ---------------------17---15---h17---p15---15-------|e --------------------- --17^---17---15------------------------------------|
I don't know if this is right but it sounds ok and its played a lot through the song so thought I'd include it.
Riff 3E---5---2---3------|A---7---4---5------|D---7---4---5------| x3G---6--------------|B---5--------------|e ---5-------------|
4th time finish on:E---0------|A---2------|D---2------|G----------|B----------|e ---------|
There's a lead guitar lick here that I can't be bothered to work out but its based around the one above. Riff 1 VERSE Riff 1 PRE CHORUS Riff 2 CHORUS Riff 3 PRE VERSE Riff 1 Just before the verse kicks back in there's a finger tap on the B string at frets 10 and 12 OUTRO
E---3A---5D---5G---4 or strum an open G chordB---3e ---3
Sorry I haven't worked out the solo and all the little licks in the song. This is just representation and is based on what I can hear and not what I have seen them playing. email me with any corrections, additons, or comments. Hey, not actually tabbed by myself (I got it from the YHA messageboard), but I've played and it sounds pretty spot on, like you'll need to strum the chords a bit more than is in some places, but yeah.. these guys rule. -BF
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