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Final track from ERIC'S TRIP first lp "Love Tara"
Transcribed by Sylvain


I'd like to talk to you
G               A
Like to let you know
How and when i follow you
G                     A
Just what i'm thinking
And why and when i hide in you
G                    A
From the corner of my eye
Seems to ???
G        A           G...
That i'm allergic to love...

D             A         G
See it in the movies on tv
D             A         G 
TV in my room at night
D             A         G
TV's always on all night
And it's all right...

D               A            G         A
Cause i'm alone when i'm not following you anymore
D               A            G         A
                             Watching the waves ???
D               A            G         A
Watching everything and all...

D               A            G         A   (repeat and fade)

(Julie talks...)
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