Young The Giant – Crystallized chords

"Crystallized" by Young the Giant - From their new album "Mind Over Matter"

The chords sound best to me barred, like so:
C[8 10 10 9 8 8]
Em[x 7 9 9 8 7]
Am[5 7 7 5 5 5]
F[x 8 10 10 10 8]
G[x 10 12 12 12 10]
Dm[10 12 12 10 10 10]But do what you want and enjoy!
[Intro] C Em Am F (2x) [Verse 1]
F C GCrawl back to life
FIt's been far too long
C GCrystallized
FRound interstellar moons
C GSpeed of light
FInto your atmosphere
C GWhat's your world like?
F Em GIs the house we built still here?
Girl you know... [Chorus]
CWhen the beat of my drum
EmMeets the beat of your heart
AmYou'll know I couldn't love
FAny other Any other
CThis is where I come from
EmThis is where I belong
AmWith the beat of your drum
FNot any other
[Verse 2]
F C GFall through the sky
FLittle specks below
C GMagnify
FThe further down I go
C GI feel it in my bones
FCan you feel it too?
C GIs this the world I've known?
F Em GIs the house we built still here?
F Em GIs the human race sincere?
[Chorus] [Bridge]
F Em GFeel the force of time
FWeighing down my mind
Em GTears you've cried
FScreaming at the sky
Em GCome outside
F Dm GThe rays are shining br - i - ght
[Interlude] C Em Am F C Em Am
F CNot any o - ther!
Em Am FFeels like home!
C Em Am FWhere I belong!
[Final Chorus] [Outro Chords] F C G
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