Your Favorite Martian - Booty Store tab

Hey guys this is my First tab haven't seen anyone else do booty store so I thought I 
would put in the tabs for the solo... Standard tuning

this comes right after he says if you like them bizarre we can make you an A** that can play the guitar.. like ... I would recommend the delay effect on your amp if you have one Thanks comment rate review and if there are mistakes let me know-Hiperboi/=slide E|-7-7-5--------------|-7-7-5--------------|-7-7-5--------------| B|-------7-7-5-----5--|-------7-7-5-----5/7|-------7-7-5-----5--| G|-------------7-7---4|-------------7-7----|-------------7-7---4| D|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| A|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| E|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------|
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