Yuck – Suicide Policeman tab

CAPO 2nd

C (alternatively playing C and G bass note)

C              E
If you conjure up a fear
Am                             G          G7
Make it loud so I can hear the tambourine
C            G
Just want to let you know
C               E            Am
I could be your suicide policeman
G            G7
Don't you go,    
C                G         Am
til my eyes have left your face
Em                 Am
Everybody hurts in ways 
Em              G
I can't believe.
Am                 Em
Everybody hurts in ways 
Am                   Em           G
I can't relate to my predicament.

Repeat Chords for second verse.

Solo Chords 
Am  Em  Am  Em G x4

Solo (Relative to capo)e|--------------------------------------------------------7------------------|B|---8-6-5-----------8-6-5----------------8-6-5---5---5-8--8-5--------8------|G|---------7--5~-----------7-5-4-2-0------------7---7------------7s9----9s7-5|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| x4
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