Yuck - Georgia chords

These guys are a class act
First Tab, But the song is pretty easy

Intro: D D5 D Dsus4 D D5 D

D Asus4I'm so tired
G Em7I Fall asleep when I speak to you
D Asus4Close my mind
G Em7In my dreams I am known by you
G DWe've been dreaming differently
G Asus4I said baby that's what you mean to me
Asus4 DWhat's a girl to do?
Asus4 DStill in love with you
V2 same as V1 And another Chorus then:
Asus4 DWhat you gonna say?
G Asus4 DWasting all this time away
Asus4 DWhat you gonna say?
G Asus4I've gotta hold myself
G Asus4 DWish you well, may all your dreams come true
D to the end (like the intro) Not completely sure about the end of that final verse, Any corrections are welcome Richard737
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