Merry Go Round chords with lyrics by Yui - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Yui – Merry Go Round chords

This is my first tab, yay! 
I'm glad with how it sounds :)
Hope you like it even though it probably isn't right~

Chords used:
Em A D G

D ATobidashita SUNIIKAA
E AHito no nami ni sakarau you ni
D AAruita Can I come back?
G ADousureba yokatta darou?
D D Hanayaka na machinami datte
A EShinde yuku kaerimichi
D ACrazy passion/Easy action
E EUke tomete hoshi katta no ni
D A E Namida no Merry.Go.Round kagayaki ni tomadou
G DI’m just a baby Oh! mind
D A ESayonara Merry.Go.Round aijou ga
E E kara mawari shita
G Afeeling is the Merry.Go.Round
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