Yummy Fur – Plastic Cowboy tab

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Subject: y/yummy_fur/plastic_cowboy.tab
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 18:11:04 +0100
From: Steve Butler 

Here's some TAB from Glasgow's hottest band "The Yummy Fur"

The basic guitar sound is very hard to achieve, I play my clapped out
les paul, and that gives the sort of right sound. The amp set up is
fairly easy, Loads of treble, little bass and full presense and contour.
Best of all play it loud!!!!!!!

Plastic Cowboy: Written by The Yummy Fur.

Guitar 1 plays:

-------------------------------|---5---------------------------|---5-----------8---------------|---5--5--6--7-----7--6---------|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|Guitar 2 plays:
---8--8-------11--8--8----------|---8--8--9--10----10-8----------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|The Words are:
He big cowboy he real life Texan He pack a 12 gauge and he where an stetsan But he got mustache He go to night club He dance with Indian 180 Bpm Plastic CowBoy can I light the ????? [sounds like law deal?] Unpack a sulphur wrap Chew it on the dance foor He's gonna paint the town pink YEP YEP YEP No Nazi d-cup No sam fox trot He's only looking for a boy YEP YEP YEP Plastic cowboy can I feel the barrel of you gun Not sure about the lead breaks, but they sound just like the basic riff pumped up. The album version says YEP YEP YEP but the single says RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. Well I hope you have fun playing it... NICK "ZERO" THURGOOD
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