Yuna - Deeper Conversation chords version 1

Most part of the song is plucking.
Strum when you get to the 2nd chorus.               

EmIs your favourite colour blue?
A DAnd do you always tell the truth?
EmDo you believe in outer space?
A DIím learning you
EmIs your skin as tan as mine?
A DDoes your hair flow side ways?
Em ADid someone take a portion of your heart?
DNow Iím learning you
EmAnd if you donít mind can you tell me all your hopes & fears
AAnd everything that you believe in
D DWould you make a difference in the world
Em AIíd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
BmOnly you can make meÖ.
Em AIíve let my guard down for you
Em AAnd in time you will too
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