Yves Klein Blue - About The Future chords version 1

Take care in the last part (oh so please don't let me go, etc), not to get
caught thinking the pattern repeats, as there is a variation. For the most
part, it's F A Dm Bb x2 THEN F A Dm A Bb C x1, then repeat.Enjoy
Chords, F, A, Dm, Bb, C, G
F A DmWhat this generation needs is a war
Bb F Bb CBut it's hard to choose a side when you don't know which is right.
F A DmAll my friends are frustrated, boring or bored
Bb F Bb CYes, they all derrain their minds without a good excuse as to why
Dm G CLusting after yesterdays golden stars,
Bb C FAh well, maybe that just never happens anymore.
F A DmWhat this generation needs is a score
Bb FBecause we realise we can all get along
Bb CBut no one is willing to drop their arms.
F A For our forefathers have made reforms
DmTo civil rights and moral law.
Bb FBut now that fewer are maligned,
Bb CThere's less pushing us over the line
Dm G COh we really ain't that far
Bb C FBut somehow none of that matters anymore
Dm C FAnd the results of all this is we're rushing on our own
Dm C FCos we ain't with the people we look like but we ain't part of the whole
F Bb F Dm We almost understand our world but we're resting on our laurels
DmAnd now my heart is shattered
Dm CWe can't even try, even when it matters
F AOh so please don't let me go without you
Dm BbMy heart never shows without you
F A Lately things have been so distant
Dm BbAnd I don't know what I can do to fix it
F AWhy don't you love me like you used to
Dm A Why do I worry about the future?
Bb CIs it just that how we manage is not by love, but force of habit
F AAnd if only I could be a man
Dm BbRip down all your dreams and plans
F A Smash in all of your pretty things so the
Dm Bbonly thing you could see was me
F AFor what we've done should be a crime
Dm AWe should be locked up so we never see the light
Bb CIn the darkness we could see how worthless all our lives must be
F AIf two lovers like us can drift apart
Dm BbThere must be something wrong with our hearts
F A Dm BbMust be something wrong with all of us to never care til things are lost
F AWhy don't you love me like you used to
Dm BbWhy do I worry about the future?
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