Zac Brown Band - Highway 20 Ride tab

Hey guys... This is my first time putting a tab online so I don't know how accurate it 
played it at an open mic night and people didn't seem to notice anything wrong so
it is...

Capo 3



C                               F                  C
I ride east every other Friday, and if I had it my way
C                   G              C
My day would not be wasted on this ride
C                          F                                C
I want so bad to hold you, but son there's things I haven't told you
C               F                      G
Your mom and me just couldn't get along


C                 F              G     C               F                 G
So I drive, and I think about my life, and wonder why, then I slowly die inside
C                           F                             G
Everytime I turn this truck around, right at the Georgia line
C                         F                  G                       C
I count the days, and the miles back home to you, on that Highway 20 ride.


A day might come you'll realize, and if you see through my eyes
There was no other way to work it out
Part of you might hate me, but son please don't mistake me
For a man that doesn't care at all.


So when you drive, and you think about your life
I hope you'll smile, if I ever cross your mind
F                          G     F                    G
It was the pleasure of my life, and I cherished every time
C                                           F
And my whole world, it begins and ends with you
G                  C
On that Highway 20 Ride.
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