Zac Brown Band - Whatever It Is chords version 2

first Tab, but none of the others are in the right tuning, this is it, just keepin it simple.
(Verse 1&2)
D A Bm AShe got eyes that cut you, like a knife, lips that taste like sweet red wine
G A D G Aand her pretty legs, go to heaven, every time...
(repeat thru the rest of verse.) She got a gentle way, puts me at ease, when she walks in a room I can hardly breath, got a devastatin' smile, knowck a grown man to his knees... (Chorus)
G A D A Bm A GShe got whatever it is, blows me away,
G A G AShe's everything I wanna say to a woman but I couldn't find the words to say
G A D A Bm A GShe got whatever it is, I don't what to do
G A G (let it ring)Every time I try to tell her how I feel it comes out I love you,
D A Bm A G A D G Ayou got whatever it is... (same as verse)
D A Bm G A D A Bm G When you love me, girl that's how I feel, when you love me, I'm on top of
Athe world
D A Bm G A D A Bm And when you love me, I can live forever, when you love me, I am
A Duntouchable...
(repeat chorus)
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