Zach Robinson - Sleep Well chords

Sleep Well
GNo one ever told me things to make me feel the way I do.
GRarely comes the opportunity for me to be able to tell you.
C GSo open up your heart. And let the gift of living in now.
C GCuz it is now not there where I care most so let the sound engross you now.
C DLaugh hard today cuz tomorrow could be gone.
G Gb EmWeep soft in the morning when you feel it’s all been lost.
C D G Gb EmThis is meaningful. This thing that we call life so sleep well tonight.
C DSleep well
G Gb Em CClimbing up that latter I can see you house now in the middle of June.
G Gb Em CClimbing up even higher on my way to that lit up moon.
G Gb Em CRest as if it’s the best rest that you’ve been given on such a beautiful morning.
G Gb Em CCuz we are living in the now.
Bm G Bm A GIt’s night’s like these that make me feel like time is slowing down.
Bm G Bm A GEvery act of love you make connects you too each person in your whole damn town.
C D G Gb EmWe’re going up. We’re going up. We’re flying away.
C DThis is the moment I’ve been waiting for.
C DThis is the moment I’ve been waiting for.
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