Zach Robinson - This Moment chords

This Moment
Standard Tuning
Dm GAt this very moment I feel so fine, sippin on coffee in the morning sunshine.
Dm GGot my dog to my left and the radio on. Maybe this is the day Iíve been waiting for all along.
Gratitude and peace are in my mind. Meditating on a nature walk. With the sun shining down on us making us both feel so hot. Jobs are scarce and the people are scared but if you follow your heart itís what makes the people care. Anger comes and goes but love overpowers. If you trust me now. We can flow with the hours. And the seconds and the minutes cuz the days change anyway. So just flow with it. Just flow with it.
Am Dm GThis moment is flawless. This moment is great.
C BThe seasons change and they race to your heart heartbeat.
Am Dm EAnd I feel so alive. At this moment Iím not tired of change cuz if change were to get tired
it would all just stay the same.
Am Dm GThis moment is flawless. This momentís so great.
Dm GSo many millions of people and beautiful art making the beauty of the world such a great part.
Dm GOf my existence, of your existence. Weíre all one and all the same.
Change keeps changing so flow with it. Trying to stop it now will drain your energy. So channel it out now. So just channel it out now. Go on be who you want. Go on and shout. Itís you who shapes tomorrow. You Iím writing about. You are the creator. You are the God. You are the energy and love from above. You make this moment flawless. Sure we wish that this world were lawless. But the laws keep the people in line teaching us to fine tune our steps and find peace of mind because itís right around the corner. So be an organ donar. Or a money loner. Your generations generosity is right around the corner. CHORUS
Dm GIf I had one day left to live I would share it with the music you profoundly give.
Dm GCuz your music makes me shake and it makes us all feel so constantly damn great.
Sure we all got something to say. And we all wanna give two cents. But my two cents would be a nuisance without the shoe prints you paved along the way. And your shows are so alive. And your blueprints are my guide. And your two cents turn to five cents to ten cents to green cents. Your a sensible spender. You give it to Japan helping those in need. Helping those who need a hand. You know that your generous ways are what make you feel so great so keep on giving. Spreading love not hate. Spreading love not hate. Cuz someday we all die anyway so why not give itís what makes the world so great. Chorus
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