Zach Robinson - Far From The Shore chords

Far From The Shore
C EmI lay down my head at night causing dreams to take flight.
Am Dm GThey flow like rivers and sound like slithers through the snow in the winter time.
C EmItís an epiphonie a realization itís a coming of the age.
AmWhen you found just what your looking for.
Dm GDreams take flight and off we soar.
C EmDonít count up your steps ahead just add up what youíve taken.
Am Dm GAnd times it by your faith and soon awaken.
C EmWith motivation your destination is not to far away.
Am Dm GYour dreams are just a blueprint for a goal that youíve got yet to find.
C EmSo fine, fine, no I canít define what this life really means.
Am Dm GJust riding waves to another place, I wanna land somewhere in outer space.
C Em Am Dm GSo can we go somewhere Iíve never been before.
C Em Am Dm GCan we sail across the water. Far from the shore.
Far Far right.
Am Dm G C BHere we go now to a distant star in outer space. I can see the milky way.
Am DmHere comes the sun now youíre my favorite star.
EYou light up the world and light up the life inside.
Am Dm GIn the morning, the moon shines a light to let me know itís alright.
C BAs it shines the slightest light.
Am DmAnd when I get to that star I hope that I find you.
ETo take me to another place so far in outer space.
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