Zak Belica – Whats The World Come To chords

Zak Belica (& Sarah Ravenscroft) - What's The World Come To
from the video game: Sin Episodes - Emergence
tabbed by: badjokegonewors-

This song has been stuck in my head for years. The video game is not that
overwhelming, but the theme song is pretty cool. A pity nobody knows it. So
this is my acoustic interpretation of the song. As there are no acoustic
guitars in the song, just distorted guitars and synths, i tried to
incorporate the elements into chords that obviously are not played like that
in the original version, but I think it sounds pretty good that way. Not
really sure if I got all the chord names right, but I tried my best... I
wrote down a simplified version of each chord, if the chords are too fancy
for you. ;)

|Bm        | X24432  ||Bm         |
|Asus2     | X02200  ||A          |
|Em        | 022000  ||Em         |
|F#7       | 242352* ||F#         | *OR X98970 (choose whatever you like, you can also play F#11)
|G         | 320003  ||G          |
|F#11      | 244300  ||F#         |
|Dmaj7     | X54670**||D          | **OR X54222
|Emadd9    | 024000  ||Em         |
|Gmaj7b5   | 324422  ||Bm         |
|Asus2maj7 | 4X2200 ||G#/A 4776XX||=================================|
Solo Guitar:e|--------------------------------------------2-32--3--5--7--9--10--9--5--7--2--3-|B|--------------------------------------3-52-3-----0--0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0--0--|G|-----4--764-4----------------------4--------------------------------------------|D|---4-------7---2-4-5-4--42--------4---------------------------------------------|A|-2------------------------545---2-----------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
Bm Asus2What's the world come to
Em F#7When everything's going the way of the gun
Bm Asus2What's the world come to
Em F#7If life is a shadow of what has been done
GI want you to know
F#11Don't take it slow
BmJust come undone
Dmaj7And the sin will take hold
GI can't hold it back
F#11It's too much to ask
BmYou know the way
Asus2You're up to the task
Emadd9 But please don't ever say Verse 2:
Bm Asus2What's the world come to
Em F#7When bullets are all that you can understand
Bm Asus2What's the world come to
Em F#7When all that I touch will leave blood on my hands
[repeat Chorus] Bridge:
G Gmaj7b5 Asus2 Asus2maj7What's the world come to
GWhat's it all come to
BmNothing to see through
Asus2It's all been spoken
Asus2maj7 Shattered and broken
BmGive it to me
Solo: [Verse-Chords] (Bm) Asus2 Em F#7 (x2) [Chorus-Chords] G F#11 Bm Dmaj7 - G F#11 Bm Asus2 Emadd9 Don't tell me
BmWhat's the world come to
--- ###Regarding the unsigned band status### Zak Belica is a video game soundtrack composer, so he's technically not an unsigned band. This is a theme song composed by Zak Belica and sung by Sarah Ravenscroft. However, as this is Zak's only "real" song, I don't know where you want to put it in your database. You can find the song on youtube: Zak Belica's official website:
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