Zakk Wylde - What Youre Looking For tab version 1

INTRO D A Cadd9 G--------2---------------------------------------------------|------3---3----------2-----------------3----------3---------|----2-------2------2--2----------0-----0------0---0---------|--0--------------2--------------2---2--------0-------0------|---------------0---------0-2-3------------------------------|---------------------------------------------3--------------|
repeat intro lst G strum an onpen G D,C,G 2x's VERSE 1 D C G We were f.... G Yet never all that .... D A G Well I could see by the ... G So much on your ... CHORUS D A I hope you found what you ... C G Cause I haven't seen your .. more D A When did life ... C G When was it that you couldn't take ... D I just ... A That you ... C G D What it was you .. repeat .. VERSE 2 D C G Sweep all ... G Beneath the rug .... D A You're ... G Harder than ... Tell me, how ...
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