Zakk Wylde – Road Back Home tab

A                         Em
I look around and see the ...
G                  D/A
same old faces ...
A                 Em
all the things we ...
G                  D/A
you lied to me ...
A        Em        G                D/A
all this time you never ..
A        Em           G                  D/A
all this time I can't ...

G        D/A     A
what you give is ..
        G        D/A        A
but you drew the ..
G             D/A      A
tears falling free but ...
    Bm             D/A
I'm just a ..

Tell me where ..
OOh, why, ..
D/A           Em         D/A
  Show me the ..
Tell me ...
OOh, why, where ..?
D/A           Em         D/A        A    Em    G   D/A
  Show me the ..

A                       Em
The pain blew in ...
G                     D/A
Strange in this ..
A                              Em
trapped in the silence ...
      G                       D/A
it's cutting me deep and ...

A        Em
All this time... 

G     D/A             A
Going nowhere and I'm ...
     G   D/A          A
and I    don't ...
    G                D/A        A
The light is getting low and my ...
Bm               D/A
OOh just hold ..

These are just the basic changes. No point in sending any tab, if you wanna
play it like Zakk, you gotta play piano! 

Instead of D/A, you can obviously play D/F# or anything you like (sus2 often
works nicely), as I said, he plays very nice arpeggios on piano and later on
electric guitar too, which I can´t figure out accurately and think it's not 
worth the effort. Sorry.
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