Zakk Wylde – Throwin It All Away tab

Throwin it all away
Zakk Wylde

Em	022000			C	332010
D	000232			G	320033

IntroEm C|-0--0--------------|-0---------------|---||-0--0--------------|-1---------------|---||-0--0-----0--------|-0-------0-------|---||-2--2—2/4---4/2-0—0|-2---2/4---4/2-0-|-%-||-2--2--------------|-3---------------|---||-0--0--------------|-3---------------|---|
Verse1 ( w/intro) You couldn't feel the sunlight upon your face Your little world a little out of place You couldn't hear the ocean you couldn't hear the waves I know you meant to come back I know you meant to stay Bridge D C All you touched All you know D C Em All you loved - yeah Verse2 Well I can see you smile can you see my tears? I reach to hold you but you ain't there You left a hole so big lord, beyond repair I'll try to find forgiveness for takin' what we never shared Bridge 2 All you touched All you know All you loved You just left 'em with nothing to say Chorus G D C Whoa oh oh You're just throwin' it all away Whoa oh No you didn't care to see the light of day Whoa oh oh You're just throwin' it all away Like the sand upon the shore your crashing waves came took you away
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