Zakk Wylde - Too Numb To Cry tab version 1

Tabbed By: Dove

Tuning: Standard

(piano transcribed for acoustic guitar) 

Em        D          D/C#    G 
I see you across the room 

C                         B 
Search for some happiness ain't anytime soon 

Em          D          D/C# 
Turmoil has turned you inside 

C                          B                    E??   E   C 
Sift through your pages of miracles you wish to find 

C                       D 
When you're too numb to cry 

B                            E??   E   C 
& you're just left wondering why 

C                       D 
When you're too numb to cry 

& you're just left wondering why 

(repeat verse pattern) 
To change in the blink of an eye 
If you could you surely would wave yourself good-bye 
I try & I try & I try 
Get a hold on your suffering 
Peace in which you don't wish to buy 

E??   E   (4 X) 


        Em               D                      D/C# 

O||---|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| N O||---|---|---| ||---|---|-O-|---| ||---|---|-O-|---|---| O||---|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| U ||---|-O-|---| O||---|---|---|---| X||---|---|---|---|---| ||---|-O-|---| ||---|---|---|---| ||---|---|---|-O-|---| T O||---|---|---| ||---|---|---|---| ||---|---|---|---|---|
G B E?? (actually, it's an Esus4)
||---|---|-O-|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| O||---|---|---|---|---| N O||---|---|(O)|---| ||---|---|---|-O-|---| O||---|---|---|---|---| O||---|---|---|---| ||---|---|---|-O-|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| U O||---|---|---|---| ||---|---|---|-O-|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| ||---|-X-|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|---| T ||---|---|-O-|---| ||---|---|---|---|---| O||---|---|---|---|---|
O||---|---|---|---|--| O||---|---|---|---| N O||---|---|---|---|--| ||-O-|---|---|---| ||-O-|---|---|---|--| O||---|---|---|---| U ||---|-O-|---|---|--| ||---|-O-|---|---| ||---|-O-|---|---|--| ||---|---|-O-|---| T O||---|---|---|---|--| ||---|---|---|---|
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