Zebrahead - Are You For Real tab

Artist: Zebrahead
Song: R U for real
tuning: standard EBGDAe

ICQ: 363531041
Email: AvivAbramovich@gmail.com

Verse 1 (full chords,one strum, use "crunch" pedal or "clean" with little bit distortion) F#m A Hey you, are you feeling like me too? E B I need to get an answer out of you, well (The next part is the same chords, but use distortion and power chords) MFZB!!! Chorus: (distortion, power chords and many angries neighbors)
That all the song, pretty boring but nice. I'll be very happy if somebody would upload a lesson how to do the greg's technique that doing in the bridges and in another songs like "just the tip, politics and more" if someone can teach me, so talk to me In the ICQ.
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