Zeromancer - Chrome Bitch tab

Band: Zeromancer
Song: Chrome Bitch
Album: Eurothrash

This is my first tab. The song is by a Norwegian Industrial rock-band so, because of all the
sound effects, it's not easy to hear all of the guitar in it.

Riff 1:|-----------------------------------------||------4-5-0-----------4-5-0--------------||--0-0-------3~--0-0-0-------3~-----------||-----------------------------------------| Play 2 times|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
Riff 2:|---------------||---------------||--7b-rb--------||--0b-rb--------| Play 2 times|---------------||---------------|
Then repeat Riff 1, 4 times.
Riff 3:|---------------||---------------||---------------||--5--5-5b-rb---| Play 8 times|--3--3-3b-rb---||---------------|
Riff 4:|---------------||---------------||---------------||--0-0-1-0--1---| Play 11 times|--0-0-1-0--1---||--0-0-1-0--1---|
After 8 times the 2. guitar plays Riff 1 over Riff 4. Riff 2 x2 Riff 1 x4 Riff 3 x8 Riff 4 x11 (After 8 times Riff 1 is played over it by a second guitar)
Riff 5:|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-------5-4-3------3-5--| This riff is played through|--5~-3-------5~-3------| the rest of the song|-----------------------|
|------------------------------------------------------------------------| ~ = vibrato b = bend rb = re-bend Pett06
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